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Everything matters, nothing matters at all

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Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, 24 year old Cole Scheifele says the landscape in which he grew up in has had a massive impact on him and his music. “I think that being in a place like Boulder your whole life, some of the landscapes incredible details can be taken for granted. As I have gotten older I have realized how much my surroundings have impacted me; they always find their way into the songs.” His debut EP “Everything Matters, Nothing Matters At All” is a great example of this. Scheifele combines melancholic folk melodies with sincere, genuine, and thoughtful lyricism to create songs that are reminiscent of artists such as fellow Boulderite Gregory Alan Isakov, Leif Vollebekk, Sufjan Stevens, and Mandolin Orange. The deep and intricate nature of his lyricism makes for songs that may leave you wondering, but he says that he hopes they can offer some perspective. “The littlest things in life can be so important and carry such great magnitude to us, but often times it’s the bigger things that can bring us back down to earth. Someone once told me during a time of turmoil in my life that everything matters, but nothing matters at all, and that sort of hit me like a freight train, and never stopped hitting me. It taught me to try to always live with integrity, to realize the impact of the miniscule things in life, but to also realize how incredibly small we are. I think generally we all know how small we are, but in some moments we truly feel how small we are, and I think that feeling is something I am constantly trying to capture in my writing.”



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