Thoughts From the School Yard

Remember those days,

The school yard parks the stones and sticks and swings

We wanted nothing more than just to be

Amongst the broken leaves

Remember those days,

Sleeping on trampolines

The sun she was a comin’ so we yelled and screamed

For her to go to sleep

And that ol black dog kept slipping out the back

Running through the fields of that tall grass

We knew he was coming home, but that don’t change a thing

Cause we were goin, oh we were flyin again

Remember that day,

We snuck ourselves a bottle off the rack

We were scared as hell but drank it and we laughed

Until we cried my friend

Remember that day,

We drove past that ol house on Ginny Way

Our fingerprints and palms were in the pave, names and dates

You shoulda seen your face that day

As the memories came rushing in like rain

Even though they were all starting to grow faint

We talked em through again and again

Dearest brother we went on, like they were yesterday

Time she's cruel she’ll take all that you have

And leave you for the dust and burnt down ash

But she's prettier than hell, so I'll keep holding her hand

Until she goes and runs out on me

Remember that day,

We cut school to lay inside your room

Hadn’t held you in a while but oh I knew

I was on fire by you . . .