Vienna, Be Mine

Through aisles in the train

My whole life packed in a bag

Thousand yard stare

Her eyes are following the tracks

Pounds sunk in my pockets

I'm headed south someplace new

Watching pastures in the glass

I saw reflections of her too

Oh and I

I'm mining in your soul

Pick axing through your words

I’d risk my life for a vein of gold

Oh and you

How did you come to be

The tallest of mountains, castin’ shadows over me

Oh Vienna, be kind

I  held conversations

In a bag upon my back

Now my walking’s grown heavy

With these questions I’ll never ask

Oh and I

I'm sending ink by the nag

Saddle with a quill and I hope that you'll write me back

Oh and you

You're a shadow in my home

Standing in my room

So I open up the blinds when I hope to see you soon

Oh Vienna, be mine . . .